Real Time Data for Perishable Inventory

Real time data when and where you need it can significantly reduce waste and improve margins. Fully customizable and integratable into your operations, S3-WMS collects and distributes key tracking data across the entire distribution chain and supports customers, management, operations and back office personnel via any web browser. 

The system has a proven track record with more than a decade of uninterrupted operations allowing our customers to do more for less.

  • Fits multiple types of workflows and easily integrates into your operations
  • Standard web interface allows access from anywhere
  • Custom, excel or PDF reports, BOLS, receipts and invoices 
  • Error free high-volume order fulfillment  
  • True scalability to grow and expand with your business  
  • Allows reduced and temporary labor across all warehouse functions
  • Deployable in a variety of models, on-site, off-site, private-cloud  
  • Fully customizable data model allows any data elements to be used

Reduce labor and loss without changing your workflow.

S3-WMS warehouse management system fits your warehouse operations.

S3-WMS is an enterprise class WMS and can be deployed on-site or via private cloud infrastructure.
  • Support and maintenance all done remotely
  • Web based screens allow access from anywhere/anytime
  • Architecture supports any deployment strategy
S3 WMS is built entirely on robust, secure, scalable and royalty free code
  • Minimizes licensing costs & allows cost effective scalability
  • Security and data integrity are maintained to the highest standards
  • Integrated AS2/EDI interface allows for free direct EDI without the need for VAN charges
S3-WMS was designed for ease of use
  • Intuitive and easy to learn workflow speeds adoption and ensures usage
  • Training is primarily accomplished by simply doing
  • The simplicity allows your customers to use it extensively reducing support costs


The S3-WMS system ensures items are never lost


With the S3-WMS redundant architecture you are always fully operational


S3-WMS system supports all types of environments: Manufacturers, Distributors, 3PL companies, and more

"Converting to the S3 system greatly improved our inventory accuracy by 25-30%"

Michael Yargeau
Director of Warehouse
Allied Frozen Storage, Inc.

"We can train a new person or temp on the S3-WMS system in 1-2 hours."

Terry Collister
Executive Vice President
Allied Frozen Storage, Inc.